Application for Membership to:

 The Border Reivers Heritage Society, LLC

I hereby apply for membership in the Border Reiver Heritage Society, LLC as a:

                 ____ Full     ____ Affiliate member   ____ Associate

(See the next page for an explanation of membership categories.*Note: All types of members are eligible to participate in all functions of the Border Reiver Heritage Society.)

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Home address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Email address:





Business address:


If you are a member of a Border Clan or Family as listed on the back, please list the family. (A list of Clans and Family Surnames is on the reverse side of this page). For families not shown on the Allied Families list, please explain your family’s relationship to the Surname.


If you are a member of other Scottish groups, please list  them:



Dues and Application Fee amount: __________   payment type enclosed: ____ Check ____ Cash (working on PayPal but until we have it working we are only taking checks)


Signature: ____________________________________________

Date:  _____________________

Types of Membership – A Surname association to the Border Reivers  provide for three types of membership based on relationship to a Border Reiver Clan or family. Eligibility for the three categories is as follows:

  • Full Membership – is for a person 18 years of age or older who bears the surname of a Border Reiver ancestor (however spelled) or have an ancestor who bore the surname of a Border Reiver ancestor by birth and descent.
  • Affiliate Membership – is for a person who is the wife, husband, or legally adopted child of one who would qualify for full membership.
  • Associate Membership – is for a person under 18 years of age who is a descendant of a person or persons bearing the surname of a Border Reiver.

Dues and Application Fee:

Annual dues for Full & Affiliate memberships:  $30.00

Application fee for only new members: $ 5.00

Total for new Full & Affiliate member application: $ 35.00

Annual dues for Associate Membership: $25.00

Total for new member application: $ 5.00

Total for new Associate Membership: $30.00

Application fee includes a Border Reiver Heritage Society the membership card which will be mailed to new members.  Email notifications of up-coming Reiver Festivals locations and times.  Email notification of dates and times of member tours to the Border area.  Member book discounts when applicable.  Membership access to a Border Reiver historian and genealogist (additional fee’s may apply depending on the amount of research needed.)

Note: Members may pay dues in advance for any number of years in order to lock-in the current dues rate.  If you choose to pay for additional years in advance with this application, please mention it in “Comments” on page one and add $30.00 to the above amount for each additional year.

Please print and mail your application with application fee to the office board member of The Border Reiver Heritage Society (check payable to Carol B. Selbiger):

Border Reiver Heritage Society, LLC

6172 Autumn View Cove NW, Acworth, Georgia  30101

Founder – Carol Beattie Selbiger, PG

Tel: 1-321-403-4675