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ISBN’s provided as well as online links

1) “Border Line from the Solway Firth to the North Sea, along the Marches of Scotland and England” (1926) by James Logan Mack; ISBN: 978-184530098x.

2) “Border Raids and Reivers” (1898)by Robert Borland a Minister of Yarrow; printed by the Courier and Herald Office, Dunfries for Thomas Fraser, Dalbeattie; accessible on:

3) “The Historical Families of Dumfriesshire and The Border Wars”  (1889) by C. L. Johnstone, 2nd  edition; printed by Anderson & Sons, Dunfries,  John Menzies 7 Co., Edinburgh and Glasgow,  Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., of London; Reprinted through Forgotten Books in 2018; ISBN: 978-332-31128-6; accessible on:

4) “Langholm As It Was: A History of Langholm and Eskdale from the Earliest Times” (1912) by John D. Hyslop and Robert Hyslop; call # DA 890 L3 H9; accessible on:

5) “The Border Papers: Calendar of Letters and Papers relating to the affairs of the Borders of England and Scotland preserved in Her Majesty’s Public Record Office London” Vol. II (1595-1603) H.M. General Register House Edinburgh (1894); ISBN: 13-978-0282869007; accessible on: ; Reprinted through Forgotten Books

6) “The Debatable Land, The Lost World Between Scotland and England” (2018) by Graham Robb; printed by Picador; ASIN: B074SZFZFK.

7) “The Armstrong’s: The History of a Riding Family . . . 1040-1650” (2017) by Derek James Stewart; printed by American Academic Press; ISBN: 9781631818309.

8) “In The Footsteps of Reivers” (2017) by Brian Dingle; printed by Olympia Publishers; ISBN-13:978-1848977884;

9) “King of Thieves” (2017) by Jon Tait; printed by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; ISBN-13: 978-1977976239.

10) “The Border Chronicles” (2017) by Mark Montgomery; Fictional book series;

  • Book 1- “Three Hills” (2015); CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; ISBN-13:978-1494740238.
  • Book 2- “Devotion and the Devil” (2015); CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; ISBN-13:978-1494885571.
  • Book 3- “On Solway Sand” (2014); CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; ISBN-13:978-1505612738.

11) “The Border Towers of Scotland 2: Their Evolution and Architecture” by Alastair M.T. Maxwell-Irving; published by author Blairlogie; ISBN- 9781907931376.

12) “Jock Tamson’s Bairns – Essays on a Scots Childhood” (1977) edited by Trevor Royle; Hamilton Publishing, London; ISBN: 9780241896389. 

13) “Border Ballads” (2018-classic reprint)by Graham R. Tomson; ISBN-13:978-1356457847.

14) “The History of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauchopedale, and the Debateable Land, Part 1, From the Twelfth Century to 1530. With Plates” (1883) by Robert Bruce Armstrong; published by David Douglas, 1st edition 1883; ASIN: B00069BFQS; available online at:;view=2up;seq=12;skin=mobile

15) “Swords for Hire: The Scottish Mercenary” by James Miller (2007); Birlinn Publishers; ISBN-13: 978-1841584461.

16) “Border Fury, England and Scotland at War 1296-1568” (2005) by John Sadler; printed by Pearson Education, UK; ISBN- 0-582-77293-1.

17) “Border Sketches of Folklore” (2010)by Michael Aislabie Dunham; printed by Pierides Press; SBN-13: 978-1445521183.

18) “The Steel Bonnets” (2008) by George MacDonald Fraser; printed by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. NYC; ISBN-13: 978-160239-265-6.

19) “The Reivers, The Story of the Border Reivers” (2008) by Alistair Moffat; printed by Birlinn Ltd. Edinbugh; ISBN-13:978-1841586748.

20) “The Annandale Family of the Johnstones, Earls and Marquises of Annandale” (1894) by Sir William Fraser; 2 volumes; printed in Edinbugh; only available online at:

21) “Wha daur Meddle wi Me” (2018) by Derek James Stewart; Publisher: American Academic Press; ISBN-13:978-1631819100.

22) “Condition of the Border at the Union, Destruction of the Graham Clan” (1907) by John Graham; Published by George Routledge & Sons, Limited, New York; E. P. Dutton & Co. ; 2nd Edition available online at

23) “The Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly: October 1907 Origin of the Johnston Family” by Jas R. Johnston or Coshocton, Ohio; available online –

24) “Scottish Borders Folk Tales,”  by James P. Spence (2015); Printed by History Press; ISBN- 0750965738,9780750965736.

25) “Exploring History in the Scottish Borders” by Ian James Douglas (2015)Printed in the UK; only 105 pages;  ASIN- B0183U12R8.

26) “Exploring Border Reivers History” by Philip Nixon (2011); Breedon Books, Derby; Hardcover; ISBN 10- 185983583X, 9781859835838.

27) “The Borders” by Alistair Moffat (2007); Birlinn General; Paperback; ISBN-13: 978-1841584669, ISBN-10: 1841584665.

28) “Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America by Jim Webb (2005); Published Broadway; ISBN-13:978-0767916899, 0767916891.

29) “Deadlock & Deliverance: The Rescue of Kinmont Willie” by Tom Moss (2012); Rose Cottage Publications; ISBN-13:978-0955801600; ASIN: B009RVT6OE.

30) “Ballads of the Anglo/Scottish Border Reivers” by Tom Moss and Illustrator – Bill Ewart (2011); Rose Cottage Publications; ASIN: B006RXHW6E.

31)  “Rulewater and Its People: An Account of the Valley of the Rule and Its People” by George Tancred of Wern, first published in 1907; ISBN-13: 978-1611530254; available online at

32)  “A Hawick Word Book” by Douglas Scott; available online at:

33)  “History of Channelkirk” by Rev. Archibald Allan, M.A., F.S.A. Scot., Minister of the Parish, first published by James Thin of Edinburgh in 1900; available online at:

34)  “Border Tales and Trials” by Kenneth Turnbull and Norman Turnbull; published by Torchlight Books; ISBN-13: 978-1611532067.

35) “Dick The Devils Bairns Breaking the Border Mafia” by Jon Tait; (2018) published by Fyrebrand; ISBN- 978-7439-9566-6.

36) “The Stirring World of Robert Carey; Robert Carey’s Memoirs 1577-1625” (2005) publisher by Rockbuy Limited; ISBN 13: 9781904466291.

37) “Battle Valleys, A Portrait of the Border” by Ronald Turnbull; (2012) published by Quarto Publishing Group, UK; ISBN: 0711232296.

38) “Strongholds of the Border Reivers, Fortifications of the Anglo-Scottish Border 1296-1603” by Keith Durham & Illustrated by Graham Turner;  (2008) published by Osprey Publishing; First Edition edition; ISBN-13: 978-1846031977.

39) “The Border Reiver (Men-at-Arms) by Keith Durham & Angus McBride; (1995) published by Osprey Publishing; ISBN-13: 978-1855324176.

40) “Raiders & Reivers” (for youth)by John Sadler; (2006) published by Ergo Press; ISBN-13: 978-0955275807.

41) “The Elliots : the story of a border clan : a genealogical history” by Eliott of Stobs, Dora, Lady; Eliott of Stobs, Arthur, Sir – joint author; (1915); published by Seeley of London; ISBN: 085422081X; available online at-

42) “Chronicles of the Armstrongs” by James Lewis Armstrong; (1902) Originally published by Marion Press of Queensborough, New York; repinted through Forgotten Books 2018; ISBN: 978-1-331-56738-7; available online at-

43) “The Marchman” by Nigel Tranter; (1997) published by Hodder & Stoughton; ISBN: 978-0340659953

44) “Rosslyn’s Raid” by Beatrice Helen Barmby; (originally published 1903) published as a reprint by Forgotten Books in 2018; ISBN-13: 978-0483886636; available online at –

45) “Brave Borderland” by H. Drummond Gauld; (1935) published by Thomas Nelson; ISBN- 13:9781199126597 (***hard to find***)

46) “Thomas Musgrave’s Letter to Lord Burghley(1583) excerpt only

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