History of the Graham's

Historically, Graham’s have been recorded living in Scotland and England (origin) but have also migrated to Ireland, Europe and the American colonies.
They currently are regarded as a formal clan, acknowledged by the Court of Lord Lyons. The current Clan Chief is The Most Notable James Duke of Montrose. This family of Scottish nobility has a particular DNA (Y-DAN) that signifies their group. I-M253, from other tested Graham descendants.

The original entry of Graham into the county of Scotland is one or myth and lore. Some have it as, Greame broke the Roman Antonine Wall, stripping Scotland of all Roman legions.

Another notable theory is the entry of William De Graham, a Scandanavian noble that came to Scotland with David I to claim the throne. The second theory seems more credible as noted by historians that Nicholas de Graham attended the signing - Treaty of Brigham- at parliament 1290.

The Graham’s have a noble and violent history of fighting in Scotland and England.

Wars of Scottish Independence:

12th & 13th Century -
Battle of Dunbar
Battle of Falkirk
Battle of Durham

15th & 16th Century -
Battle of Sauchieburn
Battle of Flodden
Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

17th Century -
Battle of Tippermuir
Battle of Aberdeam
Battle of Inverlochy
Battle of Auldearn
Battle of Aulford
Battle of Kilsyth
Battle of Carbisdale

During the Jacobite uprising, James Graham, 3rd Duke of Montrose remained neutral and eventually led the repeal in 1782 of the Dress Act of 1786, removing the law prohibiting highlanders from wearing their tartan.

Graham Castles:

Mugdock Castle, 13th century.

Claypotts Castle, 16th century.

Dalkeith Palace the 12th century.

Mains Castle, 13th century (donated to the people of Dundee, Scotland...a public park)

Inchtalla Castle, 18th century.

Kincardine Castle, Auchterarder 12th century.

Sir John de Graham Castle, said to be the birthplace of the legendary Sir John de Graham.

Buchanan Castle in Stirlingshire is the current seat of the chief of Clan Graham.

Crest: A falcon Proper, beaked and armed, killing a storke

Motto: Ne oublie (forget not)

District: Perthshire, Dundee and Montrose

Plant: Laurel’

Pipe/Music: Killiecrankie

Clan Graham Society: https://clangrahamsociety.org/

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