In Appreciation of Our Donors

Keith Murray- Hetherington, Esq., J.P., FSAScot, – Clan Hetherington

Dr. Jim Lyttle, Duluth, Minnesota, Clan Little Society, Inc. – Clan Little Origin & History as well as writing assistance.

Mark Fields, Borders Aerial Photography, in the Scottish Borders – Photography.

Allen Little, New Zealand, Clan Little Society of New Zealand & Australia – BRHS regional support.

Bill Elliott, President, Clan Elliot Society USA – Clan History.

Dr George Carruthers, FSA Scot, Convenor of the Clan Carruthers Society (International) – Clan Carruthers history

Tom Routledge, chairman of Clan Routledge- Hawick Scotland, Clan Routledge history

Jo-Ann Dale Armstrong, of Ontario, Canada – Clan Armstrong’s History.

Ian Martin, Curator of Gilnockie Tower House in Langholm, Scotland – Book and Common Riding DVD donation.

Adam Armstrong Crisp, Owner of Armstrong Border Tours in Langholm, Scotland – Book donation and help researching as boots on the ground.

Bob Braley – the Kirkpatrick/ Kilpatrick history.

Lori Vaughan – Member Secretary for the Clan Home Association – Clan Hume/Home history

Paul Cessford, New Zealand – Clan Cessford Origin & History.

Sandee Hall, Clan Graham History

Stirling Thompson, New England Regional Commissioner of Clan Thompson International – Thompson Clan History

Richard Bell, Dunedin, Florida – Clan Bell of East Central Florida; Clan Bell Origin & History.

Lt. Colonel Robert S. Miller, USAF (Ret.) MBA, GMTJ, GOTJ – Clan Kerr in Central Florida – Support of a booth for the C. Fl. Highland Games of 2019.

Kerr Family Association of North America, Canada – Clan Kerr history.

Kevin Scott, Clan Scott of Scotland – Clan Scott Origin & History.

Steve Maxwell, President of Clan Maxwell Society, USA – Clan Maxwell Origin & History.

Brent Dickson, Clan Dickson/Dixon – Clan Dickson/Dixon Origin & History.

Nancy Law Deacon & Scott Gabrielson, Clan Swinton Origin & History.

Kelly Noonan, Clan Carlisle Origin & History.

Ian Rowan, Canada – Artwork & Poem.

Laura Grzyb, British Columbia – T-shirt graphic design assistance.

John Hall, President of Clan Hall Society – Clan Hall Origin & History.

Karen Beale, Clan Potts, Queensland, Australia – Clan Potts Origin & History.

Robert Rhyne Armstrong, Cummings, Georgia, Owner of Reiver Tees – T-shirt sales.

Marissa Selbiger Stanley, Homestead, Florida – BRHS Logo designer & Poster Design.

Michelle Vigue, Ellijay, Georgia – Tartan maker.

Jensen Penney, Rockledge, Florida – Web-Designer.

Del Penney, Rockledge, Florida – Marketing Strategist.