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Descendants of the Border Reivers, We Need Writers!

The Border Reiver Heritage Society needs dedicated descendants to help write your Clans history for us to showcase on the website. If you know about your Clan’s history and are proud of it then please step forward and write your part for all to hear. Due to copyright laws I do not wish to infringe upon what each Clan Society has put on the internet, so I need each Clan to have members who have either written in the past, to allow us to post their writing or to have members write for the first time their Clan story.  Writers will get full acknowledgement on the article that is posted.
The Border Reiver Heritage Society is for the descendants and by the descendants so help us write our stories. Each Clans story will be accessible on this webpage, but if we don’t get anything written for a Clan it will be listed but have nothing to say for it and that just should not be the case. Help to honour our heritage and join me in writing each Clans story.